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Why Utility Auditing is Useful

Dale Stefancic, NUR 

Due to complex utility rate structures, often times billing errors will occur on an invoice and remain unnoticed because most errors are less than 10% of the average charge. 

However, these errors can remain on the bill for years and become incorporated into your monthly utility budget.

Errors in tariff and tax classifications, meter readings, charges for non-existing services, complex billing codes will accrue month after month if they are not fixed on the user's end. 

The coding and language used by the providers is industry specific, making it virtually impossible for an accounts payable department to effectively review the invoices. 

So Why Perform A Utility Audit ? 
* Assure accurate billing from utility and telecom providers.
* Receive a refund for years of overcharges.
* Correct errors on future bills to assure future savings.
* Decrease monthly expenses to give yourself a competitive advantage

In most cases we are able to go back anywhere between 36-48 months in your billing to make corrections and obtain refunds.

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If you want the refund due to you on overcharges and errors - click below!

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